Mum To Be

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2Hrs 45Mins

This is the perfect treatment for expectant mums, some pampering time out, cocooned in comfort, your pamper session begins with a Juliet Armand Elements Facial followed by a special Pregnancy Massage. Both are carefully designed using specific massage techniques, avoiding essential oils but incorporating high quality products suitable for mums-to-be. For yummy tummies, we lavish nourishing creams onto the skin while comforting massage using expert, proven techniques to relax you and baby. This specialist treatment dramatically eases the strains brought about by pregnancy.

A special treatment incorporating light exfoliation, massage and a pampering deep moisture mask. This helps ease fluid retention, aches and pains, leaving your feet and legs feeling cool, refreshed and lighter. Just what’s needed to put a spring in your step!

• Juliet Armand Elements Facial – 60mins

• Specialist Pregnancy Massage – 60mins

• Classic Pedicure – 45 mins

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